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From the fantastical imagination of Janet Beasley comes an epic timeless tale of Good vs Evil. Her passion, dedication, and creativity regarding this 8 novel series is off the chain! WORLDS OF HIDDEN EARTH has taken her 2 decades to complete. The patience it takes to write just one epic high fantasy novel is overwhelming. So imagine writing 8 epic high fantasy novels in one series plus adding on 2 companion books making this series a total of 10 novels! 

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"Because ANGEL STUDIOS personally invited me to submit a professional video for consideration for feature films or mini series, I need your financial support to revamp the overall branding, and begin the process of turning my completed fantastical, eccelctic, fantasy adventure 8 novel series into 8 movies or mini series."

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Welcome to the Worlds of Hidden Earth: A timeless tale taking place before creation and ending after the recreation of the new Maycly and Hidden Earth.
Iona, the protagonist, thinks she has life figured out. On earth she’s a success and is loved by all. Then without warning her life is shattered. Her family disappears without a trace, she finds herself alone, standing at a mirror with knife in hand on the verge of ending it all, and she becomes homeless.
This is the onset of an epic journey to become a part of something far bigger than herself.  
Little does Iona know that she holds a unique destiny that no one else can fulfill.
Maycly is a forever-world worth saving. With its diverse terrains, whimsical dwellings, a plethora of chimera – both flora and fauna, and inhabitants that range from sprites to mermaids, and ethrealians to chukkons. . . who wouldn’t want to spend eternity in this kind of  paradise?
Thru extreme trials and triumphs Iona’s faith is restored and she is transformed into a warrior. At the hand of the Grand Wizard, she is appointed to be solely responsible for orchestrating the crucial, magical endeavors on each of 4 elemental planets - the Worlds of Hidden Earth.
If achieved, these endeavors will bring about the creation of Hidden Earth, restoring Good to the Universe for all eternity. Without the manifestation of Hidden Earth, the new Maycly will never be seen, and the old one will vanish. Worse yet, the universe will succumb to Evil forever.
Let’s step back in time. It is a dark time on Maycly when the chief ethrealian, gives in to pride and greed and disturbingly coaxes more ethrealians to follow him. This becomes the catalyst of the first round of good vs evil on Maycly, and an epic battle leads to the destruction of earth.
Now imagine traveling with Iona and her friends to the 4 elemental planets via mandibleron gryphons.
It’s a race against time.
Iona’s first stop? Planet Land. After completing her assignments, she leaves the rootin’ tootin’ Old West setting filled with outlaws and blunderpokes to fly her mandibleron gryphon to Planet Water.
Planet Water is inhabited by Draugr, Vikings, and a berserker. In a thrilling underwater battle the enchanted tall ship, Seidr Eik, comes to the rescue.
Her next stop is Planet Sky where she arrives smack dab in the midst of an aerial dragon battle that challenges her warrior skills. To add conflict, a harpie eagle and a deranged old witch have adverse ideas regarding Planet Sky’s purpose.
On the fourth elemental planet, Planet Fire, Iona finds herself engulfed in a heated Steampunk Polynesian quest, dodging dinosaurs and volcanoes with the help of an automaton. 
One last epic battle is fought with incredible original weaponry. This battle is unique in the fact that it is fought in three places: on Maycly, on the roots of Maycly, and in the air both above and beneath Maycly. 
The questions are. . .were Iona’s attempts successful upon the completion of her adventures on the 4 Worlds of Hidden Earth? Who will win the final battles? Will the new Maycly and Hidden Earth really come to pass, or is the universe destined to be overcome by Evil and never be able to change back? 
Only the tales of the Worlds of Hidden Earth hold the answers.
Remember, it's not about being perfect, it's about our happily ever after
Revelation 21:3-5 


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