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Author Janet Beasley

Janet Beasley has carved her niche` in the high epic fantasy realm with The Worlds of Hidden Earth Series. She has landed 5 star reviews for her epic fantasies, WWII historical fiction, poetry, and non-fiction including a grief self-help book/study guide that she also speaks on with church groups. Janet has also written multiple books with her husband, Don, regarding audio-visual and theatrical productions for houses of worship. And caps off her accomplishments as a co-author for a comprehensive creative writing curriculum for aspiring authors from ages 10 - 110! 


Her Hidden Earth Series has peaked the charts on amazon, and has received rave 5 star reviews from the credible source, Readers Favorite. She is currently completely revamping this series to become The Worlds of Hidden Earth and will be appearing with her Worlds of Hidden Earth booth at local festivals and events beginning in mid to late 2023.


Whether you're a 10 year old boy or girl, an imaginative young adult, a mid-life expert, or ready to retire, you'll find Janet's writing style to be entertaining, moving, and inspiring. 

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