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Don & Janet Beasley


Creative Servants of God

Whether you are looking to be inspired by the timeless Word of God, discover hope, be encouraged, receive prayer, join in praise, or simply be enlightened with God's simple truths, Don & Janet is your team!


Both are Rapid Response Team certified thru Billy Graham Ministries. Both Don and Janet hold the office of a Chaplain thru Canines for Christ Ministry, and Janet is a licensed minister through Soul Bait Ministries

Don and Janet have worked with houses of worship, and been speaking at international inspirational conferences since 1998. Their amazing life experiences, fantastical imaginations, inspiring style, and love for Jesus are contagious!


Book them today to come to your church and share the joy of Jesus. They will customize any speaking and prayer engagement to suit your congregation's or small group's needs.

If you have questions, or are ready to begin setting a date for this dynamic duo check out the Request an Appearance section below. 

Request a Visit or Appearance

If you are interested in having The Beasley's create a custom presentation for your church, please reach out to them by filling out the form below and they will be in touch at their earliest convenience. 

The Beasley's serve strictly on a love offering basis and ask that they be allowed to offer their books and art for sale at their appearances.

Don & Janet's (short) Story

Life can be crazy, mixed up, depressing, scary, adventurous and/or fun! The lifetime of loss this couple has experienced, the decade spent caring for terminal parents, and the financial hardships they have endured are only the tip of the iceberg for this couple when it comes to building their faith. The best news of all is that they have stayed faithful to God, and now live to share their life experiences as well as teach others how God is the One who gets you through it all.


High school sweethearts, Don & Janet Beasley, have been Florida residents since 1987, and reside in Lake County, Florida with their little Bichon, Brimley.


They are originally from the Buckeye State of Ohio. Both graduated from Beavercreek High School: Don in 1978 and Janet in 1979, and were married in July of 1981. (You can do the math).


They had the privilege of growing up in a small town. Their lives were a Norman Rockwell painting. Both Don & Janet are family folks. Growing up Don lived with his parents and Janet with her parents and grandparents in a Leave it to Beaver kind of setting.


Both were in 4-H where they received many awards. Janet became 4-H Queen in 1979, and Don came in first place in the chocolate chip cookie baking contest in 1977. Janet was voted Best Dancer and Class Clown of 1979. Don received the wrestler of the year award in 1978.


Neither family was filthy rich by any means, but both never lacked for anything. We got to go on summer vacations every year and visit with family every weekend. Don lived "in town" where it was only a short walk to school. Many of the kids in his neighborhood have memories that will last a life time of playing together down by the pond, near the railroad tracks, and swimming together in the neighbor's pool. Janet lived in the outskirts, in the country. She would invite her friends over to play in her family's above ground pool, on the jungle gym, and in the big side yard where all enjoyed cookouts, could play football and shoot off fireworks. 


The arts have been a part of Don & Janet's lives since before kindergarten! Being Janet's parents were both creative individuals she was encouraged to take ballet lessons, piano lessons, be in band, and perform in musicals. . .she loved every minute of it. Don also had parents who encouraged him to join the local clown troupe and get involved in building and painting models.

Fishing Boat
Farm Field
Ballet Dancers
Sunset Kayak

They have been blessed with fantastical imaginations beyond measure. When their talents collide, creative genius explodes! Don and Janet are published award-winning authors, award-winning steampunk artists, painters, creators, makers, and international speakers. Don and Janet are also retired system design specialists - installers - trainers - and consulting professionals in the realms of audio-visual, live production and theatrical arenas.  


Their parents raised them with morals and values that are a rarity these days. Their parents taught them to be polite, kind to others, courteous, have compassion for all mankind and animals. . .and for that they are ever so grateful.


They moved to Florida in 1986, and Janet's parents, along with her grandmother followed their lead in the early 90’s. Janet & Don had always lived either across the street or right next door to her parents here in Florida.


In their later years they get jazzed about going to the beach, going to the mountains, and watching action adventure movies. But their favorite is ministering to others, especially with Brimley by their sides, to help bring hope, encouragement, compassion, and joy to those in need.

Other things they enjoy doing together include kayaking Florida’s beautiful spring-fed rivers in their tandem kayak, photographing nature, riding their tandem bike, going antique shopping, volunteering at their church, taking Brimley out for therapy dog visits, and hanging with friends and family.


They extend their sincerest appreciation to you for inviting them to minister to your team, group, and/or congregation, and hope beyond a shadow of a doubt that you walk away from their custom presentation encouraged, uplifted, filled with hope, and certain of your salvation.

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