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Don't just learn to write, learn to be an author! 

The Creative Writer's Lab

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The Creative Writer's Lab developed by author Janet Beasley.  


The Creative Writer's Lab offers individual creative writing Adventures for individuals or groups ranging in age from 10 - 110! This lab contains a wealth of FREE, downloadable and printable creative writing information for both Novice and Advanced writing enthusiasts. Every Adventure has been written by either Janet Beasley (#1 best-selling author and artist), or Dar Bagby (English Language Specialist and retired professional editor and illustrator).​



All creative writing Adventures offered are straight from Janet Beasley's comprehensive creative writing curriculum. Every Adventure has been written by either Janet (#1 best-selling author and artist), or Dar Bagby (retired professional editor and illustrator - and Janet's sister). Janet & Dar both retired from and closed the doors of Janet's company, JLB Creatives Publishing.


Each Creative Writing Adventure has been created and written from Janet and Dar's education, and success in the literary field. Together they hold a combined total of over 75 years experience when it comes to creative writing. During the initial creation of the curriculum, Janet's main goal was to ensure that each Writing Adventure was fun to learn, easy-to-understand, interactive, inspiring, and encouraging.  


This sister team's unique approach to presenting creative writing is far different from other techniques. For instance, they see you as far more than a student, to them you're a Writing Enthusiast. They prefer to to call the lessons Adventures. And instead of being a teacher you are an Overseer. There are no tests or quizzes which alleviates pressure, stress, and fear. Writing Enthusiasts will be able to reach beyond being a writer and learn how to become an author. And Overseers - great news - every Adventure is designed to be presented by anyone. Whether you've written fiction or this is your first experience with such, Janet and Dar believe you'll find these lessons easy to teach, fun to learn, and rewarding as an aspiring author.

PLEASE READ THESE POINTS BEFORE YOU BEGIN: (it will make your Adventures much easier)

  • All information in every PDF file is FREE! You are welcome to download and print out the pages:

    • Each Adventure has its own PDF that includes curriculum and handouts

    • Graphic Organizers

  • Every lesson is called an Adventure.

  • There are also coinciding videos for certain Adventures, that you are able to view directly in The Writer's Lab.

  • Janet & Dar refer to leaders as Overseers. This can be a teacher, a parent, a kidmin, a children's church leader, and so on. 

  • Janet & Dar refer to students as Writing Enthusiasts.

  • Many Adventures offer both a Novice and Advanced curriculum. In many of these cases the Novice and Advance Adventure curriculum are the same, or similar. The activities and hand-outs may vary, and at times the Advanced portions are more in-depth.

  • Some Adventures may only be provided as one or the other: NOVICE or ADVANCED.

  • Every Adventure (Novice or Advanced) includes an Overseer Copy from which to lead each session, and interactive Handouts for the writing enthusiasts.

  • You may choose any or all of the Adventures - you do not need to participate in all of the Adventures, however if you're new to creative writing Janet & Dar highly suggest checking out all of the "Writing Mechanic" style Adventures (Dialogue, Syntax, Exposition, etc.), including the Literary Terminology Glossary where all of the definitions have been written by English Language Specialist, Dar Bagby.

  • To begin your writing journey, click on any Adventure and its coordinating Graphic Organizer below to view, download, and/or print.

Get to know the dynamic sister team of

Dar Bagby (illustrator & author) and Janet Beasley (award-winning artist & author). 

Dar & Janet chat about creating together, the inspirational epic fantasy novel, "Maycly."

So what are you waiting for?

Start downloading and exploring your favorite Creative Writing Adventures today!

Janet & Dar's Creative Writing Adventure PDFs
 are available for download on desktops and tablets only
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