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Author Janet Beasley

Revelation 21:3-5

Books by Janet Beasley



Janet Beasley has carved her niche` in the high epic fantasy realm with The Worlds of Hidden Earth Series. She has also landed 5 star reviews for her WWII historical fiction, is an award-winning poet, and has written non-fiction including a grief self-help book/study guide that Janet also goes out and speaks on for church groups. She has also written multiple books with her husband, Don, regarding audio-visual and theatrical productions for houses of worship. And caps off her accomplishments as a co-author for a comprehensive creative writing curriculum for aspiring authors from ages 10 - 110!  Her Hidden Earth Series volumes have peaked the charts on amazon, and have received rave reviews from the credible source, Readers Favorite. 

Whether you're a 10 year old boy or girl, an imaginative young adult, a mid-life expert, or ready to retire, you'll find Janet's writing style to be entertaining, moving, and inspiring. 

Here are a few of the highlights from Janet's top reviews:
5 stars from: (the late) Betty Dravis (top amazon reviewer) for the entire Maycly Trilogy - "Kudos to Beasley for pulling off this lengthy saga in grand style, for giving us so many surprise twists and turns, for giving us life lessons on morality without being preachy, and for a very satisfactory ending. All of that without any profanity, explicit sex or vulgarity of any kind, making this a book suitable for kids of all ages. If this magical book were a movie--which it should be--I picture it on a colossal scale like 'Lord of the Rings.' If it were a painting, it would be like Paul Cezanne's 'The Card Players' which sold for $259 million dollars, the most expensive painting ever sold to date. Hollywood, are you listening?"

(Same book/different covers) 5 stars from: Mamta Madhaven (Reader's Favorite) for Book 1 of the Maycly Trilogy / Two Altered Worlds - The book is the right combination of fantasy and adventure. Iona is well depicted: her innocence, her adventures, her faith, and tragedies. The language is elegant and excellent.

(Same book/different covers) 5 stars from: Peppermint Pattie (amazon) This book was hard to put down, and it was definately worth the money I spent for the hours of entertainment I got out of it.

(Same book/different covers)  5 stars from: Marina (goodreads)The plot of the story was great. I loved the illustrations of the characters in the book. They were so adorable. Reading this fairytale story was like going back to the childhood, where every girl is a beautiful princess and the handsome prince is waiting for her.

5 stars from: Chris Fischer (Reader's Favorite) for Planet Land - Mixing the realms of fantasy and Western is no easy feat, and I have to give mad props to author Janet Beasley for being able to do this so effectively. She is also skilled at developing fun characters that are completely relatable in Cub and Nash, and her world creating skills, especially for a young adult novel, are second to none.

5 stars from: Mamta Madhaven (Reader's Favorite) for Planet Water -  I like the way in which the author conveys a message to readers through the story. The plot is fast paced and mesmerizing with interesting twists and turns and sub plots. Readers are taken on an adventurous ride with fantastical characters that will keep them captivated till the very end. All the characters complement the main character and the sub plots have been woven into the main plot seamlessly, thereby giving many dimensions to the story and making it a compelling read.

5 stars from: Janelle Fila (Reader's Favorite) for 28 Months of Heaven and Hell written under pen name J.D. Karns -  I think it is so educational and I love stories that really bring history to life because it can teach people so much. And I love how the story stays with the family and we only glimpse the war through the letters. I wasn't expecting that, so it was a really refreshing twist that kept the story interesting.

5 stars from: Rebecca S (Readers Favorite)  I like that the author has been through all the grief stages and can speak from experience. I enjoyed hearing that you can work through your grief using Scriptures. I l feel like the author is talking right to you. I think this book would be an important part of getting past grief to a life of joy.


Inspirational Epic Fantasy


Maycly eBooks contain full color illustrations!

Over 80 color illustrations in all including

full and regional Maps of Maycly


Check out

Volume 1 Maycly

All 3 Trilogy ebooks

in one download > > >

All 3 Maycly ebooks in one!
Volume 1
Book 1 Two Altered Worlds
Volume 1
Book 2  The Battle of Trust and Treachery
Volume 1
Book 3 The Queen
Volume 2 Planet Land
Volume 3 Planet Water
Volume 4 Planet Sky

Non-Fiction by Janet Beasley

Book & study guide in one:
Grief ~ Self-help - Christian
Great little book for churches, schools, and community theaters!
Great tricks of the trade when you have to fudge it because of budget!

Historical Fiction by Janet Beasley

under the pen name: J. D. Karns

Based on the actual journal of a WWII Navy Veteran


written by students of and published by Janet Beasley 

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