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Team Brimley Therapy Dog

Team Brimley


There are times when a tail wag, a nuzzle, or the unconditional love of a therapy dog

are the only things that can get you through life's hardest moments. 

Team Brimley was created for these moments. 

Currently serving groups located in North Lake County Florida. 

Individual visits are unavailable at this time. 


North Lake County visits requested directly through any of Lady Violet Adventures' websites are on a first come first serve basis and

are subject to availability. 

Please fill out the contact form below and share with

us a brief description of where you are located and

your organization. Visits outside of North Lake County

will be made at the sole discretion of Don & Janet,

and according to availability

Team Brimley


Brimley's safety and well-being come first and foremost, so that he may have the opportunity to visit as many groups as possible and stay on his "A" game with his great attitude and manners.

All visits requested and booked with Don & Janet

directly will be conducted under the covering

of Canines for Christ Therapy Dog Program.


To request and/or book a Central Florida

PAWS Therapy Group Dog visit for your

organization, that may be able to

include Brimley please visit

Our Community's PAWS Therapy Dogs



Brimley is a certified therapy dog through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Brimley serves with both Lake County PAWS Therapy Dogs and Canines for Christ Therapy Dogs. The Beasley's are certified RRT Chaplains through Billy Graham Ministries. Visits are insured through the Canines for Christ Ministry.  


DO's and DON'Ts are pretty simple. So let's start with the Don'ts...Don't worry - there is no charge for a visit. Don't feel obligated to have everyone pet Brimley, or participate in any of Brimley's activities. Don't feel like you have to have to be someone you're not. Now for the DO's...Do make sure you try to forget your day for a brief moment. Do smile if you feel one coming on. And Do remember that Team Brimley is there to serve and to pray.


Team Brimley visits groups  that are in need of joy, love, comfort, encouragement, a smile, and/or prayer. This includes but is not limited to grief groups, groups with special needs, hospice houses, mental care facilities, work environments, law enforcement workers, first responders, veterans, college students, crisis centers, libraries, adult day care centers and others. 


If you have people with dog allergies, they are welcome to join in the visit as Brimley the Bichon is a purebred Bichon who is a hypo-allergenic breed. That means Brimley does not shed, and he won't make you stuffed up or sneezey. So pet away and leave your allergy worries behind.


When Team Brimley makes a visit their goal is to serve. You can expect them to be there for you. They serve to create an atmosphere of peace and warmth that is non-threatening for all who are present. They are there to make your day a bit brighter by sharing the love and joy Brimley has to offer.


Every visit Team Brimley makes is different. We want to make your visit with Brimley special to you and your group. That could mean reading to Brimley, singing songs to Brimley, having The Beasley's teach a bible lesson, pray for all who are in need of prayer, a mix and match of many things, or simply making the rounds for everyone to pet Brimley. We are here to serve.

All fields are required including the Message Box. Please use that space to give us a short description of your group and what you're looking to achieve with Brimley's visit. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE that the date you select may not be available. If this is the case we will be glad to work with you to reserve a date as close to your request as possible. Thanks for understanding.

We will reach out soon.
I'm looking forward to making you smile!

We DO NOT sell ANY of your information to anyone or any entity. We ONLY use your phone number to make contact once you have made your request should we have questions, or need to get hold of you regarding your booking simply because email or text will not serve the purpose.

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