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Just as it is so rewarding to start your day with prayer, it is also equally rewarding to end your day with prayer. Whether you are alone, with your friends and or family, or even your pets, talking to God is a precious privilege we have been granted. 

BED TIME PRAYER: Family & Friends

Romantic Tent

Thank you GOD 

For Your Trinity

Lend grace to my loved ones

And my family

Bring sweet sleep to our eyes

Restful slumber to our souls

Mercifully watch over us 

As Your Word we uphold

Forgive us our sins

As we forgive others

Teach us to love

Our sister's and brothers

Grant favor and grace

To Israel and

Your chosen who dwell

In Your holy land

May Your angels protect us

In all of our ways

May Your mercies greet us

At sunrise each day

Refill our strength

Give us visions and dreams

May your miracles rise

As water in streams

Bring daily provision

Love joy and peace

To my friends, my loved ones

And my family.

In JESUS's Name. . .AMEN

BED TIME PRAYER: Peace & Comfort


Dear GOD,

Today was a rough day. But I know that Jesus promised me a very special kind of peace...the peace that surpasses all understanding.  I ask that You would open my heart, and renew my mind once again to focus on You so that I have the mindset to hand over the stress of my day to You. For You have given me the promises of love, power, and a sound mind.  And You, oh LORD, have promised me sweet sleep when I lie down. You have given your angels charge over me. You have me given me refuge in Your feathers. Holy Spirit, comfort me. LORD, because I love You, I know you will rescue me. I call upon You knowing You will answer me.  Thank you for the privilege, as a believer, to rest in Your shadow. In Jesus's name, amen.

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