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Revelation 21:3-5
VBS Sets ~ Props ~ Ideas


Cross & Heart

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is so much fun! We can all learn from each other's creative thinking, and fresh ideas also spark our imaginations. 


Lady Violet and her husband, Sir Bwana, have served in the live theatrical production industry since childhood. They've done everything from the stage to behind the stage and beyond!


This creative lab will inspire you, encourage you, and get your creative juices flowing! Whether you're looking for the big sha-bang sets or tiny two minute props, Lady Violet has a little something for everyone in this creative lab to help you get excited about your next VBS!


Below you will find some of the things that Lady Violet has designed, created, and built for VBS at her church,  FUMC Tavares, FL 

Cartoon Crocodile
Check out these cool VBS sets, props and ideas from Lady Violet!


Download Janet Beasley's Theatrical Fudge ebook - chock full of ideas for when budget is lacking and you need to "fudge" your theatrical production's necessities.

Take a video tour of FUMC Tavares, Florida's Jungle

Carpet Tube Hut


Printable Instructions Coming Soon!

Brown Paper

Tropical Waterfall


Waterfall Under Construction
Waterfall Completed

The Mighty Mast


Styrofoam Tree Creation
Step 1: Sketch
Step 2: Cut Out
Step 3: Texture
Step 4: Painted
Step 5: Leaves

Good news. . .creating a Styrofoam tree is not as hard as you may think! 


  • 2 pink Styrofoam insulation 4' x 8' sheets

  • Soldering iron (pencil tip type)

  • Wire brush

  • Paint (spray paint for effects, brush paint for massive coverage)


  1. Begin by sketching the left half of your tree on one sheet, and the right half on the other

  2. Cut out tree halves using the pencil tip soldering iron

  3. Create indentations - "bark marks" - with the tip of the soldering iron

  4. Randomly scrape both halves with the wire brush for added indentation texture

  5. Paint both halves flat black making sure all indentations are filled

  6. Paint both halves light brown - create a light coat so as not to fill in the blackened indentations

  7. Using the spray paint (dark red, dark brown, dark green) lightly and randomly shadow areas

  8. Dry brush each half entirely for lighting effect

  9. Using dark brown spray paint spray all edges to create a shadowing effect

  10. Add leaves of your choice

Carpet Tube Palm Trees with Leaves
Creation of Crepe Paper Palm Leaves
Creation of Palm Trees
Palm Trees in Place
with Cardboard Cargo Boxes
Easy-peasy 30 Second Torches
Lighted Camo Tunnel Stairwell

We started by hanging posters on the stairwell walls. Then we created a PVC frame using Zip-Ties. Once the frame was in place we hung the camo netting. Then we installed the lights. The string lights that we used have a clear, round globe. These particular lights give off enough light that you can see the animal posters through the camo, giving the kiddos the effect of seeing wildlife in the jungle. 

Take a quick tour down the stairs under the lighted camo with Janet
Plane Crash Temple

Plane Crash Temple Supplies:

  • Styrofoam - 4 white/thick sheets 4' x 8'

  • Styrofoam - 1 blue/thin sheet 4' x 8'

  • One 1" x 2" piece of wood

  • Brown acrylic brush on paint

  • Black acrylic brush on paint

  • Grey acrylic brush on paint

  • White spray paint

  • Orange spray paint

  • Craft foam - several sheets of craft foam: black

  • Spray glue

  • Wire brush

  • Heat gun

  • Gaffers tape

  • Large flat washers (2) and 3" screws (2)

  • Raffia

Temple Instructions:

  • Cut large block shape formations in white/thick Styrofoam

  • Scrape randomly with wire brush to texture the surface

  • Using the heat gun, create more texturing (DO NOT allow heat to blow too long in one spot or you will melt through the Styrofoam)

  • Paint with black paint

  • Brush on a lighter coat of dark brown paint

  • Highlight with grey paint

  • Cut Styrofoam into different sized sections: this will allow you to create a 3D effect as opposed to just flat. Cut different heights to enhance the 3D effect

  • Join 2 pieces of large block Styrofoam making a seam 

  • Using the spray glue, spray a coating the size of half a sheet of the craft foam on a portion of both sides of the seams

  • Spray the glue on the back of a sheet of the craft foam and allow to set for 5-10 seconds

  • Place craft foam on the Styrofoam to create a bendable feature (this bendable feature allows you to make the temple stand without bracing)

  • Repeat these steps until all of our large white Styrofoam block walls are in pairs

  • Arrange block walls in any fashion you so desire

Plane Instructions:

  • Draw the shape of a plane on the blue Styrofoam and cut out

  • Scrape randomly with wire brush to texture the surface

  • Using the heat gun, create more texturing (DO NOT allow heat to blow too long in one spot or you will melt through the Styrofoam)

  • Paint fuselage white and tale bright orange

  • Attach plane to 1" x 2" wooden piece using gaff tape

  • Using the large flat washers and screws, gently screw the plane stick to the back side of one of the temple wall pieces

Finishing touches:

  • Decorate with Raffia and tissue paper flames

  • Optional: set a smoke machine behind the walls. Using the automatic timer on the remote of the smoke machine set a the duration to very small puffs that happen every 30 seconds or longer. 

In our VBS treasure hunt we found 2 stained glass windows that we used to create a "broken pieces" effect. 
We also scored some extra commercially made "broken" temple pieces. You can create these using the Styrofoam as well. We placed them in a pile to give the effect that pieces scattered and caught fire when the plane hit the temple.
Our Best VBS Tip:
Know your theme eary, then shop, scavenge, and collect year round for bargains to create amazing sets and decorations
Ignore the audio LOL!
Cartoon Crocodile

STARTING AT JUST $19.00! Janet & Don like to use banners to jazz-up their VBS worship center. Since Janet is a graphic designer as well as a scenic nature photographer and an artist, you can now add the same bright, colorful, stunning banners she creates to your VBS decorations, props, and giveaways! 

Lady Violet Adventures ~ Exclusive Scenic Nature Banners
created using all original photos by Janet

All banners are made of  professional indoor quality vinyl. There are different sizes from which to choose. You have the option of ordering each banner with or without grommets. 

Parrot Banner ~ Horizontal
Malayan Bat Banner ~ Horizontal
Paint Abstract Green
To shop Lady Violet's Full Line of Graphic Design Products 
Wading Duck Banner


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