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I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well, and hope you will share the excitement with me I am about to share with you!

Whether you’ve been “with me” through thick and thin (either from the onset 20 years ago, or more recently as things have ramped up) regarding my 8 novel book series, I"m so glad you're here!

Update for my veteran fans: My Hidden Earth Series has now become the Worlds of Hidden Earth Series. Through much prayer, coaching, and creativity, God has brought forth thru me this amazing story of encouragement, inspiration, and most of all hope.

If you are not aware of the whole concept: Worlds of Hidden Earth is an epic fantasy adventure that presents a fantastical approach to salvation. The characters all endure hardships, and each one learns to trust in the Grand Wizard. It’s an eclectic, timeless tale of Good vs Evil that entails 7 worlds and epic battles beyond comparison to anything that’s been done. The entire series is based on the Bible with Revelation 21:3-5 being the pinnacle.

I invite you to visit my website:  to discover more about this series and even download the ebooks that will be available for free during this campaign.

What campaign you ask? Well……in a nutshell, I have been invited by Angel Studios (The Chosen and Sound of Freedom…yeah, those guys) to submit a professional video encompassing all 8 novels for consideration to move on into the production realm of either full length feature films or a mini series.

I am reaching out to those of you who have shown an interest in this 2 decade long project, and asking for financial support to get this professional video created for submission, along with having to revamp the entire 8 novel series with new book covers, book trailers, new interiors, new logos, new branded test/title art, etc. to ensure major branding of all the IP.

The total cost of this endeavor is $11,000. If you would like to contribute to this amazing opportunity that lays before me, you have options! You may gift funds by either mailing your check made out to me, Janet Beasley, to PO Box 209 Astatula, FL 34705. OR You may donate securely online from my page. AND/OR I ask for your prayers to navigate this journey following God’s lead every step and making it a success for His kingdom.

No matter how you choose to support me, I will be forever grateful.


With much love and gratitude,,  ~Janet~

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